Telecommunication Services

Site Survey, Acceptance and Maintenance

Site Survey

  • Perform site survey before starting the installation
  • Conduct Panoramic View survey
  • Measurement of Feeder Cables/Grounding Cables/E1 Cables/DC Cables/Cabinet Location
  • LOS Survey if the Transmission is included in the scope of work
  • Check accessibility of the delivery if there is available space for the hauling of equipment going to the Cabin
  • Check for the site key and time of work
  • Create TSSR for the site


  • Creation of site folder
  • Compiling all the data taken from the site after the integration
  • VSWR/DTF Results
  • TRX Testing
  • SCF
  • Commissioning Report
  • Pictures Indoor and Outdoor
  • As Built Plan
  • PAC/PAT Form
  • Installation Report
  • TSSR
  • Site specific Document

Nokia Equipment Installation

Guyed Mast Type


Mono Pole Type


Pole Mount Type


Huawei Wimax Installation