"Repair Instead of Replace"


Today's companies are driven by simple economics. They need to have a cost savings initiatives in order to lessen production and maintenance cost of the company. One of this initiative is thru IN-HOUSE BOARD REPAIR services. They must repair damaged circuit boards than to buy a new one. Primary reasons is the high cost and long lead-time of OEM boards. The question is, whether to develop and maintain a full repair department in-house, or to contract the repair in-house from a reliable supplier.

Repair encompasses much more than simply rework, example removing or re-attaching components. You must be prepared to make a real commitment in several key areas if you plan to complete repair work in-house. In reality, more damage can be done to a board from a botched repair than from most other causes. Aside from soldering and de-soldering, other aspects of repair can include replacing damaged circuits, gold contacts, and SMT pads; re-plating solder-contaminated gold contacts, repairing burns or physical damage to the laminate, repair of through-holes, and more. Both contract SUPPLIERS and COMPANY will benefit from establishing a good in-house repair operation.

"How can Microtech makes its In-house Board Repair Department a RELIABLE one inside the plant?"

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Company Benefits

Effective cost saving program, establishing in-house board repair department significantly saves your repair and maintenance cost on board related failures. Company can saves 80% or more on repair services in-house.

Minimize equipment downtime, usually production operation requires high demand of output and can’t afford even a single hour of downtime, in board related failures it usually takes 4 to 8 weeks for OEM boards to arrive and 2 weeks for contracting outside repair. Establishing in-house repair department could lessen your downtime in

Assurance of repair, In-house board repair personnel analyzes the defects more efficient with direct coordination with the end-user and up to date equipment.

More equipment efficiency, close coordination with maintenance helps understanding the root cause of the failures with this, in-house board repair personnel analyze the defective boards if it is design weakness, components life span related, external cause of defects and etc. and come up with the solution of providing circuit improvement and component optimization or poka yoke solution to prevent same failure re-occurrence.

Obsolete model support, MICROTECH can accept and repair your obsolete boards through component level repair even without the needs of OEM schematic diagrams.

Board Repair Tracking, every boards in and out are recorded for proper board failure monitoring.

Increase technical expertise, Routine repair can increase the technical expertise of board repair personnel. Because of this, less repair time will be dedicated since board repair failure history are recorded.

Minimize/Zero out Board Scrappage, Zero waste contribution of non-biodegradable material to the environment.